Market Tips

Market Tips

Be an early riser

Get to Market when it opens to find the best selection and the freshest produce.

Bring your own bag

Bring your own canvas shopping bag or basket from home.

Try something new

Buy something you haven’t tried before. Our vendors have a wealth of knowledge about the produce and other items that they sell. Strike up a conversation about garlic scapes – you never know what you’ll find out!

Bring a cooler

Put a cooler in your car to keep food items cool when you buy at the market but won’t be going home until later on in the day.

Ask questions

Make sure to ask questions of the vendors when you see unfamiliar produce. Vendors and farmers love to share their knowledge and can even give you recipes and cooking tips.

Dress comfortably

Wear walking shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. The Dubuque Farmers’ Market is open rain or shine, so dress accordingly.